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dMAC WorldCare Affinity Group

   Maternity Benefits

surprised baby       12 month waiting period

     Normal Pregnancy and Childbirth

     Complications in Pregnancy during the Anti-natal period and Childbirth

     Birth defects and Congenital Abnormalities including birth trauma, provided that such becomes apparent in the first 6 months from birth

     10% Co-Payment applies to Maternity
girl in pink

     Parental Accommodation in a Hospital or Nursing Home, when it is medically necessary for parent (being an Insured Person) to accompany an Insured Person, being a child under the age of 18 who has been admitted to Hospital

     Physiotherapy, Alternative Medicine Medical Treatment provided by a qualified chiropractor, homeopath, osteopath, acupuncturist or Chinese Medicine Physician, including homeopathic or Chinese herbal prescribed medicines

     Chronic Medical Conditions

     Terminal Illness Palliative Treatment and Hospice care on diagnosis of a Terminal condition

     Psychiatric treatment jig saw face This benefit is available after 12 months continuous cover under the policy

     HIV / AIDS available after 60 months cover

     Organ Transplants Heart, Kidney, Liver or Heart and Lung, in respect of the Insured person being the recipient

     Lifetime Cover maximum joining age is 74 years

ISOS logo    International SOS
   Emergency Medical Evacuation

Globe with SE Asia      Available for Local Nationals and Expatriates

     Transfer from your existing policy at no worse conditions (No new pre-existing's)

girl in golden grass      Claims paid in Jakarta in 7 working days

     Home Nursing

     Road Ambulance

     Repatriation of Mortal Remains

     Elective Home Country Treatment after prior authorisation has been obtained

     Compassionate Emergency Visit to Home Country if an immediate family member dies or is hospitalised with a life threatening illness

     Employee Replacement In the event of the death or repatriation to the Home Country of an Insured Person as a result of an eligible claim under this policy, the Insurer will pay the cost of an economy class airline ticket to transport a replacement employee to the Country of Residence

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Global Benefits Group logo Global Benefits Group is the largest independent, fully integrated provider of international benefits in the world. In 2013 GBG celebrated its 33rd year of serving the needs of expatriates, third country nationals and local nationals

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